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LOA 50’    Beam 15’    Draft 6’    16Tons

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Adventure Adrift

Full Sails & Smooth Seas!

Gain a unique perspective on the Planet

Proudly Equipped for Adventure by:


*All of your crew members

Are certified in BSA Youth Protection Training, Safe Swim Defense & Safety Afloat practices.

First Aid / CPR Certified, members of a DOT consortium, and maintain a Federal TWIC card (DOHS background check ID).

*Fishing, Spearfishing & Lobstering / Conservation of Florida Fish & Wildlife

You DO NOT need a Florida fishing license while aboard.

In supporting the conservation of our resources, we cover all licensing & permits required should any of our guests like to try hand at why they call it Fish’n not catch’n ...and strongly encourage our guests too enjoy educated, environmentally conscious harvesting of our oceans tasty treats.